Pedagogy and the Shaping of Consciousness: Linguistic and Social Processes (Open Linguistics Series) Frances Christie


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Pedagogy and the Shaping of Consciousness: Linguistic and Social Processes (Open Linguistics Series) Frances Christie. Halliday and Hasan were actively seeking a theory of language that would explain the nature of te social. Frances Christie is Professor of Language and Literacy Education and the University of Melbourne? Contributors to this volume (including Hasan and Bernstein) continue this dialogue in a range of papers that draw both on SF linguistic theory (with special reference to genre) and Bernsteins sociological theory, particulary with reference to his later work on pedagogic device and pedagogic discourse. In different ways, they acknowledged the powerful role of language in the social construction on experience. Pedagogy and the Shaping of Conciousness is an important contribution to the explication of the two theories, the dialogie which they continue to provoke and their contribution to the provision of more equal access to education. A far-reaching dialogue began. Early in the 1960s he met M.A.K. Their resulting enquiries brought both theories and scholars into dialogue. Basil Berstein began to develop his theory of social structure and power relations during the 1950s and 1960s. Halliday and Ruqaiya Hasan, who were developing the first formulations of what would become known as systemic functional (SF) linguistic theory. Berstein recognized the significant role that language plays in the construction of social experience and social inequality. Several authors describe the influence of these theories on classroom practice, including Engligh and mathematics, and literacy teaching in indigenous schools.

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